If you dream of a journalistic life of leisure filled with glamour, expensive fashions and International jetsetting, you should join our team today!

Because we too like to dream about it!

Instead, we are left with The Lujon Magazine and the gargantuan responsibility of creating a publication that speaks of rigorous queer aesthetics as well as the everyday extravaganzas that make life worth living; Knowledge, beauty and savoir faire.

And humour. Obviously.

It is therefore paramount for us to gather as many voices, opinions and viewpoints as we possibly can: Lujon strives to be a database of digital campery within the context of modern living, and we need your voice to get our point across.

So if you’re a creative writer, journalist or copywriter looking for an online platform where to publish interviews, musings or reviews then well done! You found it.

Get in touch through our contact page or email us directly at with a finished piece or feel free to pitch your idea to us.

We’ll stand by the phone!

stand by the phone

The team at The Lujon Magazine