Daria by Olga Bogdanova

Exploring themes of youth and belonging, this series examines concepts of ‘collective identity’ through experiences of self-discovery and uniformity with emphasis on how these can be disrupted by physical and emotional particularities. In the setting of Kiev, Ukraine, the series studies child athletes and their mentors in a context of seven unique athletic disciplines. Through […]

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Fashion, Photography

Ryan Skelton’s Men in Pink

Here at The Lujon Magazine, we are big fans of Ryan Skelton’s photography, and that’s a fact. As we gently stalked his extremely well put-together Instagram, we just could not help but ask him to collaborate and let us publish some of his pictures: Photographies of people and bodies and clothes doted with that poignant delicacy […]

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O L D E R std. Fall-Winter 2015: A warmer, cooler kind of chic

You know what’s really chic? Not really caring about being ‘chic’. It’s like that moment in The Simpsons when, contemplating the nonsensical description of being ‘cool’ suggested by her pre-pubescent children, Marge realises that : “If being ‘cool’ mean not caring about being ‘cool’ then she must be absolutely ‘cool’ too”. What we say is […]

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