Prada Fall-Winter 2007: Ten years on

“It was, if I remember correctly, Miuccia Prada’s contemplations on a mountaineering woman of the 21st Century: An acknowledgment that on its own could conjure images of pragmatic athleisure or even of a naturalistic wholesomeness of some sort. Except it does not.”

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Ryan Skelton’s Men in Pink

Here at The Lujon Magazine, we are big fans of Ryan Skelton’s photography, and that’s a fact. As we gently stalked his extremely well put-together Instagram, we just could not help but ask him to collaborate and let us publish some of his pictures: Photographies of people and bodies and clothes doted with that poignant delicacy […]

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Eartha Kitt reviews Roksanda FW15

If we at Lujon Magazine were to review this collection, the first thing we would mention is the eye for colour and texture Roksanda has consistently shown her customer collection after collection. Her florid visual lexicon delivered her message well in the past, but this season seems a touch deeper; Probably because her woman is […]

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