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Last night I wore Tsar

As I roll myself in bed, equipped with the pungent kind of headache that only gin is able to deliver as well as the sinewy rasp of an evening faultily spent in a smoking area somewhere in the far east of London, elegant whiffs of powdery soap levitate drowsily from my wrists: Last night I […]

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Fashion, Inspiration

In praise of Natalia Pavlovna Paley’s legendary glamour

A professional fag-hag if there ever has been one, today we raise our glasses to the inimitable Princess Natalia Pavlovna Paley Countess von Hohenfelsen, first cousin of the Tzar Nicholas II and one-time wife of couturier Lucien Lelong. Born in Boulogne-sur-Seine (in a house formerly owned by Princess Zenaide Ivanovna Youssoupoff, nonetheless) on the 5th […]

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