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Last night I wore Tsar

As I roll myself in bed, equipped with the pungent kind of headache that only gin is able to deliver as well as the sinewy rasp of an evening faultily spent in a smoking area somewhere in the far east of London, elegant whiffs of powdery soap levitate drowsily from my wrists: Last night I […]

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The all new Lujon Magazine: The Editor’s letter

So this is new. Beside the novel redesign of this humble International Style Publication, this is new because of the diversity of the contents we collectively decided to cater to our famished audience: In a world where girls on Instagram are busy taking self-portraits wearing £700 worth of DHL uniforms, we decided to cheerfully stop being […]

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Art, Daily

Wonderful paintings of people reading

There is nothing (NOTHING) as relaxing as reading. Or if not actually reading, at least the thought of it: Even the sole idea conjures images of lazy afternoons and evenings drifting by with the mellow aroma of tea brewing in the distance. Images that reek of a lonesome luxury, a quiet moment snatched from the hyperreality […]

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