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Last night I wore Tsar

As I roll myself in bed, equipped with the pungent kind of headache that only gin is able to deliver as well as the sinewy rasp of an evening faultily spent in a smoking area somewhere in the far east of London, elegant whiffs of powdery soap levitate drowsily from my wrists: Last night I […]

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Musical Bliss: The second Elegant Weekender

Music, dear reader lurking in the dark depths of the Interweb, is an essential tool to understanding and appreciating the many wonderful facets of beauty and art and Camp of the world: Say you fancy some Moroccan mint tea this very second, you boil some water, you sprinkle dried leaves in your cup, you pour, […]

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The Elegant Weekender Playlist

There is only one kind of weekend that we fully condone here at Lujon Magazine, and it is the Elegant Weekend. Long past are the times of intense hangovers one would entertain over a Saturday or a Sunday, and we can proudly state that we have finally reached the extremely well deserved denouement of our lives: […]

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