Portraits by Yuri Annenkov

Today, we are going to ponder for a little while on the portraiture art of Yuri Annenkov. Although his style was profoundly rooted in the Constructivist forms of his time, Annenkov managed to create a most personal stylistic interpretation: From painting to graphic arts, from theatre designs to film sets, Annenkov spread himself confidently, adapting his […]

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The Triptych: Eleganza

To celebrate the re-launch and re-design of our wonderful website, we decided to re-visit and re-interpret important imagery that has been linked to Lujon Magazine since our now legendary first issue. A Triptych of three of the main pillars this publication is all about: Gusto, Classe and Eleganza (Italian for Taste, Class and Elegance). First one up […]

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William Larkin: Styling in the early 17th Century

If you ever plan to visit the stately grandeur of Kenwood House, in Hampstead Heath, then make sure to spend some time gazing in awe at the Suffolk Collection, a string of 9 paintings by William Larkin. As Wikipedia puts it: “Larkin’s work marks the last stage in a tradition of English portraiture traceable from […]

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50 Shades of Earl Grey Tea

While the rest of the world is focused on the other 50 shades (and probably looking for some pink furry hand-cuffs by Ann Summers), we dedicate this definitive compendium to everyone who, let’s say it, knows best.

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