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Ryan Skelton’s Men in Pink

Here at The Lujon Magazine, we are big fans of Ryan Skelton’s photography, and that’s a fact. As we gently stalked his extremely well put-together Instagram, we just could not help but ask him to collaborate and let us publish some of his pictures: Photographies of people and bodies and clothes doted with that poignant delicacy […]

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S’Express – Hey Music Lover

As heard at the Louis Vuitton menswear show a few days back, S’Express legendary anthem is as good now as it was then: The video unravels with all kinds of 1980’s eleganza (think party monsters revolving on an oversized gramophone and an anything but easy use of leopard print), while the acid bass and fabulous […]

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Christopher Shannon Spring Summer 2016 : Lad my fire

The designer’s jovial lads on tour are gleefully reporting from Benidorm, Mykonos or Ibiza, wishing we were there. This season, Mr. Shannon’s trademark slogans were the words Needy and Damaged, casually knitted over images of lighters on jumpers and sweaters (ready to light your or anyone’s fire). The collection, however, is neither needy nor damaged: […]

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Anne Bancroft: Yma’s Dream

An evergreen classic to cheer up your midweek slump, this pearl of campery fun features Anne Bancroft interpreting whomever decided to ever throw a party in any of the world great cities.

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From the archives: Louis Vuitton, The shades of it all

Sand. The far away peaks staring at your from the plains in the deserts of north-western Mexico. Apparently this is the landscape where Kim Jones imagined his Louis Vuitton man for autumn-winter. Congratulating him on the clever idea of setting a fall collection somewhere impossibly hot (but also impossibly cold), we couldn’t help it but […]

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