Daria by Olga Bogdanova

Exploring themes of youth and belonging, this series examines concepts of ‘collective identity’ through experiences of self-discovery and uniformity with emphasis on how these can be disrupted by physical and emotional particularities. In the setting of Kiev, Ukraine, the series studies child athletes and their mentors in a context of seven unique athletic disciplines. Through […]

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“By The Sea”: A Reflection

In true Lujon style, this is not so much a review but a noting down of thoughts, a reflection, on the already quite forgotten 2015 film By The Sea. Written, directed and starring Angelina Jolie and her then husband, an underground indie actor called Brad Pitt. The film may have been criticised for championing style […]

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Fragrance, Musings

Last night I wore Musc Ravageur

“You smell divine” the host said while opening the door of his apartment to this cold wreck of a man. A waltz of raised eyebrows on my face and a quick detour to safer topics to avoid any comment on the fragrance I was actually wearing. I simply did not mean to smell divine. I […]

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