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Designer Ben Mak Takes Out The Marchesa

She used to stroll down the streets of Venice, he, the pavements of Liverpool. The twilight got them reunited at a time that stopped, stuck in between the first half of the twentieth century Europe and today’s hyper real global era. Two creative spirits sharing the same run towards a bewitching materialisation of their selves, […]

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Camp Conversations

Infuriated by a time where mankind has decided to replace God and play with lives, past literary dandies and musical vestal virgins have had enough of just rolling over in their graves. These camp figures won’t save the cause – making a satire of it already keeps them all busy and is far more delightful for us – but […]

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Leonardo’s Proposition: The finger of St. John the Baptist

Before approaching John’s audacious gesture, it is worth considering sexuality as a modern addition to human kind vocabulary, as mentioned by Michel Foucault. Although the Renaissance could easily suggest some high libertinism, it is rather depicted as the rebirth of sensuality. As a synonym of carnal desires and pagan temptations, the ancient transparency did not re-appear for the intelligentsia’s sake: Christian […]

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Brexit in Cartoon: Barbier’s after party

Our first post-Brexit post! As we get used to the (nothing short of) post-apocalyptic panorama here in London, Cindy Fournier provided us with a biting re-interpretation of George Barbier’s glamorous illustrations: An elegant party nearing its inexorable end. In Miss Fournier’s words: “As today’s air almost seems frozen, even more precious to European creatives still breathing […]

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