Brexit in Cartoon: Barbier’s after party

Our first post-Brexit post! As we get used to the (nothing short of) post-apocalyptic panorama here in London, Cindy Fournier provided us with a biting re-interpretation of George Barbier’s glamorous illustrations: An elegant party nearing its inexorable end. In Miss Fournier’s words: “As today’s air almost seems frozen, even more precious to European creatives still breathing […]

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Céline Dion – On Traverse un miroir

Just look at all this 1920’s Céline Dion we are gifting you today! In this post we look at a very young Ms.Dion as she retrospectively looks back at us with absolutely no emotions thundering her visage. She then goes on making the most of that single, bejewelled outfit she has been given while stalking her […]

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In praise of Natalia Pavlovna Paley’s legendary glamour

A professional fag-hag if there ever has been one, today we raise our glasses to the inimitable Princess Natalia Pavlovna Paley Countess von Hohenfelsen, first cousin of the Tzar Nicholas II and one-time wife of couturier Lucien Lelong. Born in Boulogne-sur-Seine (in a house formerly owned by Princess Zenaide Ivanovna Youssoupoff, nonetheless) on the 5th […]

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Fashion in the posters of Leonetto Cappiello

Within his oeuvre, Italian poster art designer Leonetto Cappiello often managed to inject a certain degree of fashion to his work: Whether it is a close up of an intriguing frock or a fantastic pattern, it’s not hard to picture his posters comfortably sprawled on a designer mood-board, right at the beginning of a season. […]

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The great American mansions

…To compensate for the lack of any solid imagery that in any way can relate to the elaborate interiors of our very own Palazzo (erm…), we decided to compile a portfolio of the greatest mansions scattered through the vastness of the US of A.

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Close-up Queen: the Marchesa Casati

‘The Divine Marchesa: Art and Life of Luisa Casati from the Belle Époque to the Crazy Years’, the first-ever, full-scale exhibition celebrating this legendary figure, closes in only a few weeks. Authors Scot D. Ryersson and Michael Orlando Yaccarino shed some more light on the icon

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50 Shades of Earl Grey Tea

While the rest of the world is focused on the other 50 shades (and probably looking for some pink furry hand-cuffs by Ann Summers), we dedicate this definitive compendium to everyone who, let’s say it, knows best.

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