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LOL: A portfolio of 50 Fashion caricatures

Fashion satire. Try to imagine a concept as such: Nowadays a professional risks to be blacklisted forever only for not shooting a full-look as designer intended, imagine if someone would illustrate fully fledged satire for some of the outlandish fashions we see parading down the runway.

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Fashion in the posters of Leonetto Cappiello

Within his oeuvre, Italian poster art designer Leonetto Cappiello often managed to inject a certain degree of fashion to his work: Whether it is a close up of an intriguing frock or a fantastic pattern, it’s not hard to picture his posters comfortably sprawled on a designer mood-board, right at the beginning of a season. […]

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The great American mansions

…To compensate for the lack of any solid imagery that in any way can relate to the elaborate interiors of our very own Palazzo (erm…), we decided to compile a portfolio of the greatest mansions scattered through the vastness of the US of A.

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