What is Lujon Magazine, exactly?

Lujon is a multi-platform publishing venture that focuses on the narrative aspect of fashion:

There are many stories to be told through apparel, and Lujon’s primary goal is to unravel all the possible scenarios that hide behind a collection, an exposition or even the legendary looks of a style icon. We aim at decoding the fantasy and imagination that stand at the very core of contemporary fashion, virtually erasing the noise of trends and “must-have” items. All within the best of taste. And the best of taste is, obviously, Camp.

Whether you want to channel your inner Lady Ottoline Morrel while on vacation in the melting glaciers of Artica or maybe you feel more inclined to interpret your very own version of Pulp Fiction’s Vincent Vega for yet another day at the office, Lujon is here for you to consult.

You will find the sapient use of prêt-à-porter can really do wonders against both a mundane daily routine as well as post-fashion week exhaustion.

And most importantly, what on this loving Earth does ‘Lujon’ mean?

“Lujon” is an intensely famous song by composer Henry Mancini, which neatly encapsulates everything this Magazine stands for: A light-hearted, camp little pleasure.


And let’s not forget that Lujon is also a Creative Agency at your service! Check out Lujon On-Demand!


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