“Emosophie: It’s a Match!” How Tinder can bring artists together in the modern metropolis


You swipe right if you like someone and you swipe left if you don’t really. If two profiles both swipe right then it’s a match. Easy does it.

This is the basic way Tinder, the dating app, works and worked its magic on more than 50 millions users, becoming the arcane emblem of coupling individuals in a hyper-social culture like ours.

However, the app’s original purpose of pairing people and have them arranging some sort of date, is now disrupted by Emosophie, a project by Paris-based curator Caterina Zevola, in which two artists are paired and brought together in a blind date/vernissage through shared traits of their artistic practice.

Taking into account the performative act of being an artist, the very modern asset of pairing one’s ouvre with an artistic personality to match, the project makes full use of Tinder impossibility to share digital files and leaves the curator to only work with the written messages the artists used as their first approach.



That Emosophie will take place in Paris, a city with a long-standing history of fortuitous artistic collaborations, is the cherry on top: Many artists before have met and discussed their own sensibilities and inclinations in its cute little rues and majestic avenues, generating the necessary fuel for what then become famous as cafe society, a microcosmos of artists influencing each other just by being scattered seemingly at random within the same mile radius and just by meeting in the same places.


Never before technology was implemented at such a core level of intimacy between different artistic practices, and never before the role of the curator was to bring living and breathing strangers through the sole medium of the artistic endeavour.

Taking up the wallowing role of fate, in a Ville Lumiere lit up by notifications on a screen.

The exhibition will take place the 13th of June at the OPENBACH gallery in Paris, 8 Rue Jean Sebastién Bach, 75013, from 7 to 10pm

Read more at yesitsamatch.tumblr.com

Illustrations by Anthony Peralta

by Matteo Sarti


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