Falsetto Tokyo: Autumn/Winter 2018

Well, yabba-dabba-do, Falsetto!

We must admit, we always treasured the style credentials of Pebble Flintstone, the muscular infant of the homonymous animated family saga ‘The Flintstones”: Tiny leopard print halter top, hotpants and topknot, it’s as if she anticipated Punk by a solid two decades. And despite many years have passed since the cartoon ceased to be produced, her fashion choices live on to inspire and influence new generations of designers worldwide.

While whether or not Mme Flintstone was an inspiration behind Falsetto Tokyo’s latest offering remains to be confirmed, Baby and the Beast, the name given to the collection, seems to be constellated with the very same playfulness and cheekiness of said prehistoric toddler:


For winter, the brand’s celebrated athleisure is plied into clever patchworks of fur and graphic colours within a clearheaded palette of navys and greys. The binary clash of structured neoprene and downright bonkers wisps of primordial fluff give the collection a certain mischievousness, an open invitation to have a bit more fun with streetwear, a genre that is usually so profoundly entrenched with hype, it almost seems to reject any slight hint of joie de vivre.

Fundamentally, when not busy hammering dichotomies, this collection offer pieces of glamour that are sobering to the palate; parkas and bombers come complete with contrasting sleeves in faux fur and twin-sets in technical fabrics are so precise they almost come across as martial. It is functional wear for life in the city, but it is also for the sophisticated city dweller who’s in close touch with their party animal side.

Falsetto is ultimately a brand that takes in consideration the needs of its clientele, yet imbues its concepts with compelling alternatives to minimal streetwear. There’s plenty of fun to be had. And plenty of Tokyo, too.


Pebble Flintstone would not just be proud, she’d have one in every colour.

by Matteo Sarti


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