Don’t cry out loud (just keep it inside)

Fashion is, in a nutshell, a very family-friendly way of dealing with the otherwise mysterious workings of desire. You have all of the salient plot-lines there, stylishly manicured on the shopfloor: The object, looking rather helpless on its shelf, the sense of ownership that any customer experienced when actually acquiring said object and the manipulative performances that take place when the customer becomes, in the end, the wearer.

In this clever project by stylist Riccardo Maria Chiacchio, we look at the object being worn by yet another object, paraphrasing (if not altogether fetishising) the relation between clothes and the ardent passion we all have for them.

leaningleft: trousers Lanvin, belt Saint Laurent, scarf Prada, shirt stylist’s own – right: socks Egon Von Furstenberg, shoes archive Prada

floordress Valentino, shoes Twin-Set, fur scarf stylist’s own

missonitotal look Missoni

asschairleft: trousers Alexander Mcqueen, shoes Diane Von Furstenberg – right: shoes Calvin Klein, socks stylist’s own, lingerie La Perla, coat and hat Dolce & Gabbana

sitleopardleft: belt Saint Laurent, trousers Lanvin, shirt stylist’s own – right: socks Egon Von Furstenberg, shoes Archive Prada, coat Balenciaga, scarf and hat Dolce & Gabbana

assbeltbelt Gucci by Tom Ford

housemessbelt Archive Chanel

theendleft= trousers D&G Dolce & Gabbana, coat Calvin Klein, shirt archive Miu Miu, corset stylist’s own
right= belt Gucci by Tom Ford

Creative Direction and Styling – Riccardo Maria Chiacchio

Photography – Daniele Grassi

Special thanks to Greta S. Vullo