Musical Bliss: The second Elegant Weekender

Music, dear reader lurking in the dark depths of the Interweb, is an essential tool to understanding and appreciating the many wonderful facets of beauty and art and Camp of the world:

Say you fancy some Moroccan mint tea this very second, you boil some water, you sprinkle dried leaves in your cup, you pour, you sit and you drink. You do all of this in silence or, much worse, you do it while letting the crackling noises of the outside world lazily drift in through the open windows. To hell with that. You shall make and enjoy your Moroccan mint tea while listening to the uppermost elegant musical playlist we are here providing.

The first song we featured in our second musical appointment is from Dvorak, but we suggest you don’t let that distract you too much, plenty of extremely chic European tunes are to meddle gently with the most hysterical Exotica and World music one song after the other. Now, put on your slippers, press play and get that Moroccan mint tea thing going.

And relax.

By The lovely musical elves at The Lujon Magazine