Korla Pandit and the invention of the Exotic self

When we are asked on our musical preferences, we usually like to answer with a solid answer: ‘Exotica, obviously‘.

The whole theme of Exotica as a musical genre is something on which we shall write in length in the near future, as it is something extremely dear to our bent hearts. But to even have the presumption to introduce the complete artifice of Exotic music without mentioning one of the forefathers of the genre, would be a ghastly shame. So, here we are ever so briefly presenting you with one of the most fascinating personas ever to pierce the screen: Korla Pandit. Here’s a little snippet of vital information taken from a documentary in the making:

So, how did a black man from Missouri transform himself into the Indian Liberace? And, to be even more inquisitive, WHY did a black man from Missouri transform himself into the Indian Liberace?

The answer, obviously, is to be found in the wonderful documentary Korla (a screening that is rather elusive if you happen to live in Europe). You can track down its showing times and schedule here.

From our perspective, the tale of Korla Pandit sits comfortably within the notion that Camp is a lie that tells the truth, and that’s really enough to keep us going for days: Korla WAS a child prodigy born in New Delhi to a Brahmin priest and a French opera singer. It’s just that Mr.Pandit’s day to day real life self wasn’t, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t make Korla less real.

If you want to read more, please click on this link.

By Matteo Sarti