Milva: Absolute Icon

Milva. Milva, Milva Milva and Milva again. At The Lujon Magazine we just adore Milva.

We rarely ponder on a chanteuse’s natural disposition to crystal-clear diction, but if this has to be considered one of the many reasons why Milva is a huge Camp phenomena, then so be it. We are not going to indulge in an approximate bio of this splendid creature (there’s Wikipedia for that), but we are going to provide you with just her best pearls of Youtube stardom.

First, a very young Milva, singing Giovane Amore in 1967. First thing first, do take the time to appreciate her deep, rich velvety voice. Second thing second, do also dwell on her extremely enviable screen persona: Milva controls the screen with uppermost elegance, lipsyncing to her own songs in a way no man could.

Second, a historical Milva. Piercing the camera in a way only mythological creatures do, she goes on and owns your soul using just her eyebrows. Singing in German because Milva can.

Third, not happy with owning the whole of your spirit, Milva decides to take a further step and imprison you in a limbo of nothingness and sheer seduction with her rendition of Lili Marleen. In the video, she takes a good 3.46 minutes to descend that marble staircase, because Milva does what she want with her as well as your time.

By Matteo Sarti