Ryan Skelton’s Men in Pink

Here at The Lujon Magazine, we are big fans of Ryan Skelton’s photography, and that’s a fact. As we gently stalked his extremely well put-together Instagram, we just could not help but ask him to collaborate and let us publish some of his pictures: Photographies of people and bodies and clothes doted with that poignant delicacy that is so seldom seen in the contemporary culture of images. In this series, Mr. Skelton dressed decidedly male personas in decidedly female attire, staying well away from the current genderless mumbo-jumbo, and embracing and glorifying the resulting images as fully formed personalities and fashions. His subjects glow with a resolutely modern dignitas, and there is little to no frailty to these men. We just cannot get enough. Can you?

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All of these wonderful photos were shot by Ryan Skelton