Zsa Zsa Gabor exercises: It’s Simple Darling!

Yes Zsa Zsa, but how simple exactly? Apparently extremely simple Darling.

In this precious gem of a Youtube clip the one, the only Zsa Zsa Gabor stretches a bit with the help of two gentle-looking hulks that smile and giggle. While literally being put in position by said gentle giants, Miss Gabor just never shuts up for a single second: She goes ooh and aah at pretty much any given second, flirting madly with her personal trainer. An astute marketeer who knows her audience, the lady also goes as far as hinting her two virile assistants get it on once and for all, pointing out how shameful that is that poor Mike is doing his exercises all by himself. A glorious piece of camp entertainment, ‘It’s Simple Darling’ is also in the running for gayest celebrity fitness tape ever, and God knows we went through Angela Lansbury’s. So put on your full face and stretch those legs, it’s simple, Darling.

By The Lujon Magazine


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