The Triptych: Gusto

The Triptych continues with a definitive compendium of objects one just must have and collect for the sweltering summer ahead. The gusto and appreciation of beauty shan’t stop over the warmer months. Especially over the warmer months!

Robert’s Rose Water82300023

If a childhood on the continent ever taught anyone anything, then it must be that a toner is many times more welcome than ointments and lotions over the long, hot months of a mediterranean summer. We suggest you stock up on Robert’s Rose Water on your next trip south as it is the only toner we know that both works and has a packaging with such glorified dignitas. It leaves one’s visage refreshed and smelling of freshly cut rosebuds in an eye-blink. And speaking of eye-blinks, this little marvel also is a panacea for tired-looking yeux.

A Fan82300020

It is hot hot hot, but as Tilda Swinton once (and memorably) exulted on Suzy Menkes’s Intagram: ‘I am not hot, because I have got my fantastic fan’. Such pearls of wisdom one is to find scrolling through social medias, nowadays. As for the fan, we have been proud supporters since we once found ourselves at a vernissage in the particularly oppressive heat of a Neapolitan July: Our only chance of survival was the elegant rocking of the wrist and the quiet resplendence of its decorated wings. We suggest to spray your fan with a fresh scent, such as L’Eau des Hespérides, by Diptyque. The fan portrayed above is from Dolce&Gabbana (Yes. Indeed).

FMR by Franco Maria Ricci82300018

In the words of one of our most notable contributors: “You guys just never really quit, don’t you?”. And our answer was just simply a muscular ‘NO, we do not ever quit beauty and art and elegance over the summer’. That is the simple truth, no one should be allowed the time to quit these three milestones of modern living. That is why we are passionately suggesting you invest in some issue of FMR for your summer holidays. FMR, published and directed by editor extraordinaire Franco Maria Ricci, just simply must be one of the most beautiful magazines ever produced, and it features everything from expressionist paintings to collections of Hollywood sunglasses. We just cannot think of any better holiday read (besides this very webpage, obviously).

Peacock Feather Pen by HAY82300012

Oh, let me go down to the souvenirs shop and buy a biro to keep up my correspondence with good old England“. Even the most remote thought of such a possibility makes our toes curl: One is to bring a pen to whatever far-flung destination one is to reach. Picture the set, you’re finally able to sit down, relax and sip a strong black tea at the Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur. You decide to write to darling sweet Susan and you extract a biro pen from your suitcase?! NO SIR THANK YOU SIR, but the only pen one might decide to extract from whatever suitcase just must be a Peacock feathered shard of gold from HAY. “Wish you were here to see this pen I’m using, Susan

Savon de Marseille


If you are to spend some time in the South of France this summer (who isn’t?!), we suggest you consider deciding only to wash yourself in pure Marseille soap: Its humble splendour is as sophisticated as any other luxury detergent, and it just comes with a myriad of advantages: Due to its pH at 9.5 it doesn’t cause any irritation and is smooth and light on the skin, as a natural washing powder it is gentle on delicates linen (wool, silk, baby cloth), it is ideal for dental care as it can be used as a toothpaste, it repels clothes moths, placing a bar at the end of your bed will rid you of night cramps and it is a great lather for shaving, dear mesdames et messieurs.

A small purse from Galitzine82300005

Irene Galitzine was a Russian Princess who escaped the October revolution of 1917 and found solace in Italy. In the sixties, she went on inventing the palazzo pygiamas; an evening suit of wide-legged trousers cut in silk. But what we really are presenting here, however, is one of the small goods the house has still been producing after its heydays in the mid 20th Century. We recently chose to bring this small pochette with us on a long weekend escape to the island of Capri, and we altogether felt like our exquisite fashion companion felt completely at home in such glamorous surroundings, being able to accomodate modern day needs yet looking completely d’antan. Mind you, this never happened when we visited the same island with other kinds of baggage.

Portable Religious Art82300001

Lastly, remember to collect as many of these small religious images during your trips, they’re delightfully campy and they also prove to be possibly the best bookmarks on the market.

By Matteo Sarti


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