The all new Lujon Magazine: The Editor’s letter

So this is new.

Beside the novel redesign of this humble International Style Publication, this is new because of the diversity of the contents we collectively decided to cater to our famished audience: In a world where girls on Instagram are busy taking self-portraits wearing £700 worth of DHL uniforms, we decided to cheerfully stop being indignant at modern culture and to retire to an altogether different world of Fantasy, namely, Camp Culture: No more trying to grasp the contemporary ways of fashion talk, but to focus on the matters of beauty and art and culture that really seem to resonate the most to us and to a whole ecosphere of well-travelled queens.

An entire universe of historical personalities has been brutally tossed away by the relentless pace of the interweb only to make space for a myriad of instamoments and viral fillings that contributed nothing to the ever important discussion of an ideal, if not  actual lifestyle: Dinners and soirees spent joyfully talking about Diana Ross, Edith Sitwell with a good sprucing of Elsa Maxwell, as if that is what matters the most (don’t try to deny it). However, making a villain of the Internet and its modern hunger is not entirely fair, as it is the World Wide Web that also offers small little pockets of history for people like us to waste hours upon, looking into the almost forgotten lives of the people that really should be glorified as icons. We found that Camp, with its vitriolic candour, has a voice that speaks to us of all things beautiful and ridiculous, gladly incorporating notions of politics, struggle, life, death and beauty: Baron Corvo and religion as well as Kathleen Ferrier and death. Much can and should be learned on the whole concept of living, nowadays.

So this is new.

Bid adieu to the noise and say zdravstvuyte (or hello, if you must) to the all new Lujon Magazine, your very own guide to digital Campery.

The Editor