Portraits by Yuri Annenkov

Today, we are going to ponder for a little while on the portraiture art of Yuri Annenkov.

Although his style was profoundly rooted in the Constructivist forms of his time, Annenkov managed to create a most personal stylistic interpretation: From painting to graphic arts, from theatre designs to film sets, Annenkov spread himself confidently, adapting his style and technique to the genre and medium required. He contributed regularly to the journal Teatr I iskuustvo (‘Theatre and Art’) while working for a wide range of different other magazine publishings.

It is by the beginning of the 1920’s that Annenkov turned himself more seriously to portrait painting: Some of the most renown politicians and artists of his time had their portrait executed: Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotski, G. Zinoviev, A. Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, Alexander Benois, to name but a few. In 1924, Annenkov immigrated to Paris. He pursued his work as a book illustrator as well as a set designer for the theatre and cinema until his death in 1974.

Georges Annekoff (Yuri Annenkov) Portraits
Daniel Geccen 1922
Daniel Geccen, 1922
Anna Achmatova 1921 (2)
Anna Achmatova, 1921
Maksim Gorky 1920
Maksim Gorky, 1920
mikhail kuzmin
Mikhail Kuzmin
Olga Galperina
Portrait of photographer M.A. Sherling, 1918
M.A. Sherling, 1918
Self Portrait (2)
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Trotsky 1922
Leon Trotsky, 1922
Viktor Shklovsky 1919
Viktor Shklovsky, 1919
Yuri Annenkov (Russian, 1889 - 1974) Self-portrait

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