George Platt-Lynes: Pictures of men

George Platt Lynes (American, 1907 - 1955). %22Bandage%22. Original vintage photogravure. c1935. Printed 1935

George Platt-Lynes was born on April 15, 1907 in East Orange, New Jersey. But it is after his move to Paris in 1925, where he then met artists such as Réne Crevel, Man Ray, Gertrude Stein and others, that his artistic spark was originally ignited.

Inspired by the effervescent Paris of Cocteau and Bérard, Platt-Lynes returned to his native America to pursue a career as a fashion photographer (via a bookstore he opened in Englewood, New Jersey in 1927, in which he started privately exhibiting the pictures he had taken).

It was in America where he photographed images from mythology, or purely erotic scenes, which dealt explicitly with his homosexual tastes.

In the meantime, he began receiving commissions from Harper’s Bazaar, Town and Country, Vogue and other publications. In 1946, he became head of Vogue magazine’s west coast studio in Los Angeles and photographed celebrities such as Katharine Hepburn, Rosalind Russell, Gloria Swanson and Orson Welles among others. In 1948, Lynes returned to New York to focus on his own private interests, male nudes and documenting the New York City Ballet. He became acquainted with Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who was an influential researcher on human sexuality

Platt-Lynes himself, ill with cancer and unable to sell his nudes except to Scandinavian physical culture magazines, had lapsed as a fashion figure and, finishing his days in southern California, steeped in the dreams which he had tried, so boldly and beautifully, to balance with the traditional camp of the twentieth-century aesthete“*

Lynes died in 1955, leaving an extensive portfolio of nudes and homoerotic photographic works to the Kinsey Institute.

Walter R. Roehmer as Pan, George Platt Lynes, circa 1939

The Ritter Brothers, photographers and models, 1933, photo by George Platt Lynes

Tennessee Williams. … Photo by George Platt Lynes…1944

Robert McVoy by George Platt Lynes c.1941

Paul Cadmus and Jared French. Photograph by George Platt Lynes, 1938

Man with Peacock Tattoo, Photo by George Platt Lynes, c.1934

George Platt Lynes. Mythology Series. 1939

George Platt Lynes. 'Untitled' 1936

George Platt Lynes, The Sleepwalker, 1935
George Platt Lynes- Fashion Photograph for Lord and Taylor, 1940

George Platt Lynes American, 1907- 1955 Carlos McLendon, 1947

George Platt Lynes - Kiicho Harrison

by George Platt Lynes..1940s

*Philip Core, “Camp: The Lie That Tells the Truth“, 1984

By Matteo Sarti


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