Evil Eyes: Fashion in Róisín Murphy’s latest music video

Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes7

While Alessandro Michele is getting all the OOOOOH’s and AAAAAH’s he well deserves for his collections at the helm of Gucci and J.W Anderson is getting fashion editors round the world to nod simultaneously in a collective cheer, singer Róisín Murphy is breaking the world with an 80’s tinted sledgehammer.

As the menswear shows for ss16 are now raging in Paris with a newly found penchant for hand-me-down clothes and a nouvelle interest in vintage fashions, we like to look back at the women shows back in February when a some kind of fever stroke all of us together and made us realise that the 1980’s are in fact closer than we previously thought: As mentioned earlier, let’s remember the east-bloc glam-fugitives designer Jonathan Anderson sent down the runway, a look that most definitely set the agenda for the whole of the season and (I am sure) for the spring shows that are bound to be shown next September.

In the midst of all this excitement, author Róisín Murphy not only released her latest album Hairless Toys, but she also directed and starred in the two videos that came with her first singles.

In her first video, for example, Ms. Murphy championed a (now  fully and easily digestible) late 1970’s punch with her looks somewhat reminiscent of Fassbinder’s Veronika Voss, but with the release of her second single Evil Eyes, the Irish chanteuse jumped forward a decade and channeled a distressed, suburban Lady Diana with feathered hair, pearls and ever so slight hints to power dressing.

Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes10 Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes2 Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes3 Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes5 Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes1 Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes4 Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes6 Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes9

Still from Roisin Murphy's 'Evil Eyes8

After recovering from the sudden shock of seeing such glamour and drama in just one music video, we came to the conclusion that THIS is the closest we have ever witnessed to IT:

The hand-me-downs, the hints to a bourgeois suburbia, the saturated hues and that rosed blonde do are indeed very effective elements in a pastiche of sugar-coated nostalgia that eerily verges on the psychotic.

For everyone who is trying to catch a glimpse of what is going to be happening in fashion in the next few years, Ms. Murphy is hiding her standpoint in plain sight, her hair feathered and her vision potent.

Check the video for her new single Evil Eyes.

By Matteo Sarti


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