Christopher Shannon Spring Summer 2016 : Lad my fire

The designer’s jovial lads on tour are gleefully reporting from Benidorm, Mykonos or Ibiza, wishing we were there.

This season, Mr. Shannon’s trademark slogans were the words Needy and Damaged, casually knitted over images of lighters on jumpers and sweaters (ready to light your or anyone’s fire). The collection, however, is neither needy nor damaged: if the damages were in some ways represented by the carefully positioned slits cutting across trousers and tops, the designer was quick at mending them with the use of contrasting tape.

As for ‘needy’, the zips running across many of the shirts and tracksuits will indeed be demanding a fair share of attention, as they will provide Mr. Shannon’s clientele with a variety of styling ideas and endless doing and undoing possibilities.

Innuendos to the various stages of other kinds of undone zips where scattered through the collection in the form of neon hued bikini bras, worn around the neck as tokens from what we might imagine to be as a long night of conquering.

By Matteo Sarti


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