God on a Wheel: Royce and Marilyn’s documentary is finally on its way!


Let’s all take a deep breath.

There aren’t many things that would make us momentarily put RuPaul’s DragRace aside, but this is most definitely a piece of news that instantaneously swept us off our feet: “God on a wheel”, the long awaited documentary about the two internet sensations Royce and Marilyn is finally on its way. The only piece of information that we are generously offered is that the film should be out within 2015, with more details about its crowd-funding campaign for the completion of the film to be announced in May.

Below, here’s the cult video that started it all.

In the incredibly unfortunate case you are not familiar with the duo’s candid yet raging antics, we suggest to check out THIS exhaustive article that surfaced on LA Weekly almost 16 years ago (Yes. the internet is that old).

Just when you thought the upcoming documentary on Iris Apfel couldn’t have any competition…

For more info, visit royceandmarilyn.com

By Matteo Sarti


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