An open letter to Andale Mono, a font that really should stop.

andale andale, Andale Mono

Nothing says ‘first year’ like you do, Andale Mono. Nothing says ‘please make me look cool please I’m begging you‘ like you do, Andale Mono.

At a point within the past three hundred years, I too was an art student, and I do not fail to reminisce each and every time you boisterously popped up on this or that fellow student’s art project; Over-exposed picture of some foliage and a pair of legs that conveniently ended with a pair of Céline platform kindly borrowed from a friend and BAM! You appeared spelling the words “introspective“, “deconstructive” or “My friend Siobhan and her shoes“. You know, it felt like most of the students in my class aspired to be Portia De Rossi in Ally McBeal, Andale Mono. I admit I might be a bit old school (especially when flagrantly caught quoting a TV show that has been dead for the past 13 years), but why, Andale Mono, why didn’t anyone think of elegant serifs for those three long years? WHY?!?

BA Fahion Communication with Promotion presents COLD TURKEY: A group exhibition

Oh Andale Mono, you spelled that, don’t you recall? You spelled it over some flaccid black and white picture of a plastic IKEA trivet. How could you ever forget? How could I?

However, I hold no grudge against you, Andale Mono. I just happily traded all of those precious memories for an expensive Bodoni and moved on.

I hope never to see you again, Andale Mono.


By the incredibly successful editor at the helm of an incredibly successful independent publishing venture in London.


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