London Fashion Week is moving: Say bye to Somerset House and hello to Soho!

Brewer Street Car Park (Source: BFC)
Brewer Street Car Park (Source: BFC)

There’s been a great talking of the callous redevelopment of London’ Soho into a bourgeois hotspot of vegan bakeries and private flats, but we can’t help it but being thrilled at the news that the official BFC show-space is moving from Somerset House to Brewer Street Car Park. If the venue eloquently proved its potential when it hosted the International Fashion Showcase back in February (an event that we conveniently reviewed for you here), the area will most definitely benefit from a new influx of creatives and press.

It is also crucial to mention how essential Soho is to any of the London-based designers, as its street are just paved with the fabric and haberdashery shops they visit most regularly. Also, in our eyes very few places are as ‘London’ as Soho, and we can bet the international press and buyers will appreciate being moved to a place that feels as earnest.

Let alone the cheap post-show drinks on any of the many Old Compton Street institutions (especially if before Thursdays).

By Matteo Sarti


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