Inside Sergei Diaghilev’s ‘World of Art’

Dhiaghilev's World of Art - Lujon Magazine

Sergei Diaghilev, the notorious impresario behind the legendary Ballets Russes, was an editor. Oh yes, an editor just like you and me.

His Mir Iskusstva (elaborately translated into World of Art) was the controversial, avant-garde and downright spectacular art magazine co-founded in 1899 in St. Petersburg by Alexandre Benois, Léon Bakst, and Sergei Diaghilev as the glitzy Editor in Chief (imagine the interns. No, just take a second and imagine those poor interns).

As Wikipedia puts it, ” The theoretical declarations of the art movements were stated in the Diaghilev’s articles “Difficult Questions”, “Our Imaginary Degradation”, “Permanent Struggle”, “In Search of Beauty”, and “The Fundamentals of Artistic Appreciation” published in the N1/2 and N3/4 of the new journal “.

Exclusively for Lujon Magazine, Oleg Mitrofanov and his Atelier Research provided us with stunning scans from the incredibly rare publication, to celebrate the impresario’s birthday on March 31st.

For a perfect experience, we suggest you listen to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade while going through this most exceptional imagery.

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by Matteo Sarti