Alexander Geist releases a new single, ‘Malediction’

Alexander Geist surrounded by beautiful red roses
A portrait of Alexander Geist by Amnon Friedman, enveloped in beautiful red roses.

The thing with Alexander Geist is that he always and inexorably manages to conjure an incredibly visual soundscape, and yet he is able to keep his florid lyrics at the forefront of each and every song he unleashes on the adoring masses. ‘Malediction‘ is the new diamond on Mrs. Geist’s sparkling tiara of hits; Infused with icy ItaloDisco riffs, this languid new single explores all the different facets of a #conflicted love story. It successfully rounds up all the elements of a ballad and unbridles them back at his audience, resulting in a queer (if not downright eschatological) anthem that is as immediate as it is sensitive.

We reached out to Alexander Geist about his new song and his future plans:

–  So, what is ‘Malediction‘ all about?

Malediction‘ is an ambiguous love song, it’s a story of being conflicted, a sort of “hate the sin, love the sin” situation. I can’t say anymore than that, I don’t like to over share, I think that different meanings will rise up out of the song for different listeners.

– Clearly a love letter; was it inspired by Alexander Geist’s personal life?

Yes, it is a love letter, that’s why I’m realising the single as a billet-doux: Those who buy it will get a letter in the mail from me, which I think is a charming way to share the music. It’s so old fashioned, such a relief from the twittersphere, and I hope it will be the beginning of many beautiful new postal love affairs.

– Will it eventually be part of an album?

Yes, I hope so. We do have plans for an album, but aren’t feeling under any pressure to rush it. We’re finding a sound, finding a voice, and taking it from there.

–  Tell us about the music and that brilliant saxophone touch

The music came to me in a dream, I heard it in my sleep and woke up shouting, “That’s it!” I shook my secretary awake (she was attempting to take a nap) and I told her to write down the lyrics as I recited them, right there in my pyjamas, in the Presidential suite of the Four Seasons in Miami. She faxed them to my producer, Joey Hansom in Berlin, and he made the track you hear today. The saxophone is played by our dear friend Matthias Mann – and I’m just wild about it. I try to have as much sax as possible.

– How are you going to celebrate the release? Are you planning to woo your audience with any concerts soon?

 Oh yes lover, I’ll be playing in London on March 20th for the Irrepressibles’ after-show party, and then in Utrecht on April 18th at Cruise Control, with gigs in Paris and Rio to be confirmed in the next few weeks. So watch this space!

Malediction‘ is out now on New Pangea Records; Available on iTunes and from the label’s website at

By Oleg Mitrofanov