A Royal Instagram: The private archive of the Romanov family

The Tsar Nicholas the 2nd was a huge fan of photography, did you know that?

He and his family were very keen in taking pictures every time they could, and that helped putting together a rather extensive archive of private photography: They were taking pictures of themselves, of the places they were visiting, of their guests, of their pets. Not very differently from what you do when you go and post a picture on Instagram, really.

It’s a funny thing, History, it only lets you look at it retrospectively:  In History there are no hints to any sense of present whatsoever, only a succession of separate moments that only seems to be filling the gap just before the “and then that happened” watershed.   In their pictures, the Romanovs appear blissfully oblivious of anything that could happen in the future, they just seem happy to live their present.

Exclusively for Lujon Magazine, Oleg Mitrofanov selects the best pictures from their private archives;  In what, with hindsight, reminds us of a quaint memento to joy, family and the inevitable tide of History.

Think of that when posting your next selfie.

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Archive Selection by Oleg Mitrofanov