6 Fashionistas who nailed the neck scarf trend

Unless you have been living under a rock (or, say, in Peckham) you have probably noticed that everyone is wearing neck scarves this fashion month. At Lujon we love neckscarves, we have always been obsessed with them and there is no single fashion editorial that left them out from the credit list.

But it’s easy to pull off a scarf look when you’re part of a super trendy publishing venture or when you’re an International buyer clad in nothing but Fendi and Prada and Celine and your scarf retails at the same price of a small apartment in Barcelona.

That’s why we broke the trend down to 6 styles that are easy to copy and come with loads of variations on the theme for you to steal, desperate reader.

int1gThe “Flamboyant Teenage Homosexual”

LADIES! Who says the eccentric looks you’ve spotted on your gay best friend are a prerequisite for bent men only? You too can steal the look by going for a smooth bob that is both youthful and visibly uncomfortable, and pair it with a bright scarf or handkerchief knotted at the side of your slender neck! Just be careful though! If you pull your look too convincingly then don’t be surprised if an older man with a red handkerchief knotted in the same fashion comes inquiring about fisting. Oh and if you don’t like to be pissed upon, try to avoid a yellow scarf! Fashion Fun in San Fran!


The “You’re fired, Janet”

Nothing says Executive Realness like an oversized ascot knot on a lady. For the woman who means business, and for the woman who’s not here to make friends, this is your best choice! If you’re looking for a fashion trend that shows your inner frustrations and that yells out “I’m a microwave-serves one-dinner” kind of woman, then this look is what you are after! Feel empowered by the relatively tame print on your mid-range silk scarf and be ready to show your co-workers who’s in charge round here. It’s a strong option for a 40% viscose and 60% middle-aged she-devil who just don’t know where she went wrong and why no man ever loved her ever – kind of woman.

BluescarfdutchThe “Have you read my novel yet?”

Do all of your sentences include ‘It’s a sci-fi story about a galactic princess that falls in love with a tin of tuna: The tin of tuna represents mortality‘ at some point? Ok, we get it, you’re a hugely creative writer and you just don’t know how to express it and be accepted by your peers, I promise you we get it. Now you can exteriorise the depths of your soul by wearing this successful look and accessorise it with some random little thing you picked up at a flea market in Bushwick over your friend Julian’s suggestion. ‘Have you read my novel yet? It’s the story of two brothers who get lost in the woods and weird thing start happenings to the trees. The wood obviously stands for Stendhal syndrome‘.


The “Delusional Funky Mom”

Who says neck scarves are for, like, necks? You can do all sort of wonderful things with them! You can, like, wear them around your head! Where’s the fun in wearing a neck scarf around, like, your neck? C’mon bring on the fun woo! Oh Jessie you are so boring! When I was your age I was always wearing quirky scarves and, like, flowers in my hair! Wooo! Me and you father were always at the day disco having fun! Wooo Jessie! Don’t be boring, Jessie! Have some fun! What do you say, Jessie, shall we, like, open a beer? Your father is not coming home until 6pm, he won’t find out! Woo let’s get crazy, Jessie! Funky mom! Wooo!


The “I’m high on life”

I bet you can’t wait for tonight’s Magic:The Gathering tournament at Eric’s house.  Maybe the beautiful Helen is going to be there too! She is so cool, isn’t she? She wears short skirts in plaid check and ripped tights and listens to Slipknot. She had purple hair but then her parents got really upset and now she dyed it back to black, but she is so cool. I bet you are looking for a way to her to notice you, isn’t it? I thought so. So why don’t you wear that scarf your mom bought you last Christmas and maybe try to offer her a not-alcoholic beer or something? She is so cool once she got so drunk she passed out at a Nickelback’s concert. She is just so cool.

flower-scarfThe “Dear God”

There’s this website I discovered the other day, It’s called Etsy, do you know about it? It has all sorts of wonderful things like crochet scarves, crochet gloves, crochet hats and crochet socks. It must be really cold where Etsy is from. Anyhow, you can find fashion for real people like us there! And it’s really beautiful and so cozy and it really is wearable art isn’t it? They also have little crochet scarves for your kittens and babies there! I suggest you look at VeganMilly1997, she is this vendor and she makes the most beautiful hand knitted tye-dyed snoods with crochet flowers and brown leather buttons, she has the quirkiest stuff! I suggest you really check it out because it is really has stuff for normal people like us! I got my prom dress there and it was so cute! It had multi-colour crochet frills at the sleeves! So cute right?

By Matteo Sarti