A ClickBait reviews Prada FW15

clickbait pradaIf we at Lujon Magazine were to review this collection, the first thing we would do after we get up from bowing in front of such intelligent chic, is to mention the spectacular colour sophistication that was yet again offered at a Prada show. Ms.Prada knows her customers and is more than happy to deliver again the splendid jackets in oystrich skin that wowed us last winter, only this time altering its nuances to lighter, younger hues. If the accessories and embellishment are also reminiscent of previous seasons (namely SS2005 and SS2012), the collection explores yet reaffirms the core values of the Prada universe: A subtle chic that discreetly swings between workwear and eveningwear, corrupting popular notions of good taste in its wake.

But because we’re secretly desperate for internet fame, we have asked a ClickBait to review this collection for us. And you won’t believe what happened next:

Prada Women's FW15 Look 16
Prada Women’s FW15 Look 16

ClickBait: So this pastel pink coat totally happened! 20 reasons to pair it with a tone-sur-tone acrylic brooch your mum doesn’t want you to know!

Prada Women's FW15 Look 23
Prada Women’s FW15 Look 23

ClickBait: You won’t believe what happened when Miuccia decided to pair this tweed dress with patent leather loafers! Scientists worldwide are baffled!

Prada Women's FW15 Look 31
Prada Women’s FW15 Look 31

ClickBait: See what happened after look 30! Be ready to have your mind BLOWN! The shoes are shocking!

Prada Women's FW15 Look 29
Prada Women’s FW15 Look 29

ClickBait: Ostrich leather in pale lime is shown to important fashion editors in Milan, What happened next might be the most inspiring thing you’ve seen all month!

Prada Women's FW15 Look 37
Prada Women’s FW15 Look 37

ClickBait: You thought Ms. Prada reached the sublime heights of chic with her pre-fall collection, You won’t believe what she did next!

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