The International Fashion Showcase 2015

A spiky latex look from the 'Next In Line' exhibit
A spiky latex look from the ‘Next In Line’ exhibit
The Portuguese stand,  Bloom: Sun, Energy, Technology
The Portuguese stand, Bloom: Sun, Energy, Technology

Loosely described as a “global fashion Eurovision”, the International Fashion Showcase 2015 held alongside London Fashion Week, did not disappoint its high expectations:

24 Countries and 110 designers displayed their latest offerings, arranged in cleverly curated stands, each with a theme and a message. Speaking of curatorial skills, it is hard not to applaud Liliana Sanguino on leading the Colombian exhibition “Framework” to the well-deserved winning of two awards out of three: The International Fashion Showcase Designer Award was in fact presented to Julia Manisto for her menswear collection, together with the International Fashion Showcase Country Award, presented by Sarah Mower MBE.

The third award, The International Fashion Showcase Curation Award, went to Yegwa Ukpo of Nigeria, with special mentions for Tory Turk (Korea) and Roxana Gibescu (Romania). As we congratulate the winners of this edition, we really do feel compelled to also toast the other standout collections that we think deserve to be mentioned:

  • Michelline Syjuco from Philippine, and her line of highly decorated accessories.
  • The tasselled minimalism of Akedo, represented in the South African stand.
  • The sophisticated (and beautifully colour-matched) ensembles from Kaaskas, from Poland.
  • The fun, Carmen Miranda-ish jewellery by Virzi + De Luca, Brazil.
  • And the standalone outfit that represented Chile, a cropped red poncho with red fringes fastened at the sides by black ribbons by Zurita Design Company, a look that most definitely deserves a nomination for the chicest outfit in the showcase.

By Matteo Sarti


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