Lujon Magazine’s ‘TATLER Name Generator’

Is your real name actually too poor-sounding? Did you recently try to apply for a press pass at London Fashion Week and failed? Are you trying to get that job/internship at your favourite magazine but mamá and papá don’t own an estate in Devon?

As usual, Lujon Magazine comes to the rescue with an incredibly handy ‘Tatler Name Generator’: Drop your name and social history and embrace your inner Tatler girl! Be the ‘Florence Lockwood-Powell‘ you always wanted to be and see all of the world’s door open ajar for you and for you only.

In the unfortunate case you are looking for a Male Tatler Name Generator, don’t be silly; For you it’s either “Architectural Digest” or the chop.

tatler name generator lujon magazine

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by Fiona Wales-Covington