O L D E R std. Fall-Winter 2015: A warmer, cooler kind of chic

You know what’s really chic? Not really caring about being ‘chic’.
It’s like that moment in The Simpsons when, contemplating the nonsensical description of being ‘cool’ suggested by her pre-pubescent children, Marge realises that : “If being ‘cool’ mean not caring about being ‘cool’ then she must be absolutely ‘cool’ too”.

What we say is that dropping once and for all the affectation and the need to be recognised as ‘cool’ is, dear Marge, tres tres cool indeed. In many ways, that is what O L D E R std. does, and does very well:
Leaving behind the verbiose pretense of being yet another ‘cool’ label, this brand intelligently mixes Scandinavian cool with the uppermost virtue of being ‘chic’. It’s a chic crafted on and for the kids that have a taste for the minimal, yet also possess an innate sense of luxury and a decadent eye for fabrics and textures.

What strikes you almost immediately about O L D E R std.’s latest Fall-Winter offerings is the elaborate choice of texture and fabrics; Not only the collection shows nods to the fluid lines and the almost architectural flair of the short dresses it has shown for previous seasons, but this time the all-enveloping richness of the fabrics satiate the thirst, the need for ‘feeling’ your clothes.

That’s why the O L D E R std. girl just can not give half a toss about being ‘cool’;
The stiffness of the highly stylised looks one sees usually on the ‘cool’ kids have gone, leaving with us only the warm sensation of feeling your clothes on your skin. This girl, this woman, has had it with the scene, she’s now looking for the real thing.
And that’s what O L D E R std. is after, too

Oh, Marge how right you were!
And how cool, how chic.

Check out this brand’s official website at www.olderstudio.com

by Matteo Sarti

all images courtesy of O L D E R std.