From the archives: Rochas, fit like a glove

If you happen to be Alessandro dell’Acqua’s Rochas woman, I compliment you on your splendid taste and exquisite snobbery. Because, let’s face it, there is an undertone of snobiety in your character; You would never let anyone see you not perfectly put together, even for the short walk between the haunted castle in Transylvania and Frankenstein’s secret laboratory. The latex-y appearance of your patent shirts and skirts goes perfectly with the gloves you like to wear when experimenting with magic potions or trying to re-animate corpses.

For this winter dell’Acqua gave you the (bat)wings to fly silently in the full moon sky and the right accessories for you not to touch the filthy ingredients you usually toy with. Yuck, corpses, eeek.

Let’s just say your snobbery is the quietest of your quirks, Rochas woman.

By Matteo Sarti

Originally published on Lujon Issue 1