From the archives: Dries Van Noten, the winter exotics

Have you ever visited exotic resorts around the world during the winter? I have, and I can promise you, they’re deadly dull. I once have been to St. Jean Cap Ferrat, in southern France, in January. However, I don’t feel like throwing the entire burdening fault on the shoulders of these beautiful places scattered around Europe: The fault is partly mine. I went there wearing nothing but a shabby grey coat and a beanie. But now, imagine, one can just wear the succulently decorated Dries Van Noten fall season and bright up the sombre look of the palms in winter (Yes, there are palm trees in winter, weird match but I promise you I have seen them). You go with a long coat, in stripes of charcoal and bright amethyst and a skirt in shimmering pailettes and, voilá, the resort blossoms again as you quietly stroll along.

By Matteo Sarti

Originally published on Lujon Issue 1


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