From the archives: Louis Vuitton, The shades of it all

Sand. The far away peaks staring at your from the plains in the deserts of north-western Mexico. Apparently this is the landscape where Kim Jones imagined his Louis Vuitton man for autumn-winter. Congratulating him on the clever idea of setting a fall collection somewhere impossibly hot (but also impossibly cold), we couldn’t help it but noticing that the models were all sporting shades that closely reminded of the sunglasses that my very own cousin would wear sometimes in the late nineties. Shock – Horror. But these men, clothed in nothing but amazingness, needed nothing but these apparently overly designed specs, to see through the blaring sun of the desert, to make their way south and finally reach the glistening ruins of Palenque, or, further up on the gulf of Mexico, the vividness of the uncontaminated jungles of Yucatan. Quite the adventure, I say. 20/20!

by Matteo Sarti

Originally published in Lujon Magazine issue n.1